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Curriculum Vitae (CV) of each job seeker is so crucial that you cannot afford to miss making an immediate positive impact on the reader. What is available to the reader is only the printed letter—you, in person, are not seen. Then, imagine, how important every letter and word that is on your CV is.

While preparing your CV, first, do your SWOT analysis. Second, know the employer’s expectations i.e., the skill-set that the job description demands. Third, pick out those skills that are common in both. Highlight these more than other things.

Remember, the time that is spent on initial screening of CV is unimaginably less. So, the lesson: keep it as clear as possible, as simple as possible, as direct as possible.

A good CV takes into consideration the following :

  • Use a confident tone and positive language
  • Concentrate on your achievements not your responsibilities
  • Create curiosity, and encourage the employer to read on
  • Concentrate on the quality not quantity of your achievements
  • Rise above the competition, mention what difference you can make for the employer
  • Keep to the point, and be brief
  • Check-check-check: Revise your CV for typos and proper sentences
  • Use relevant keywords, and acceptable jargon
  • Provide details of your degrees and expand them.
  • Expand facts
  • List everything
  • Divulge sensitive information
  • Indulge in boasting about self
  • Use clichés
  • Send duplicate applications
  • Make the employer read between the lines.
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